A day in the flower fields

Today didn’t go as planned, Katie was supposed to work, I was supposed to take Zeph to the pool, documents were supposed to be filed… but what happened was great. 

We got up early and watched as our beautiful rainbow prisms cascaded their colours all over the room, as they do every sunny morning. 

When we decided to get ready, I was grabbing some product from my little stockpile of inventory I kept from the store, when the mail arrived and the dogs went wild, the baby started screaming… and a glass lid fell from the top shelf and nailed me right above the everbrow… it didn’t stop me From putting on my new fancy dress, and heading to a nursery to pick out some trees for a client though, I just grabbed a Sap Sucker (sparkling maple water) and ran out the door- goose egg and all!

Zephyr ran through the rows of evergreens and vibrant shrubs, he loves to put his knees up as high as he can when he’s running- it’s the sweetest thing ever, also when you combine that with his laugh… I mean it’s a heart melting situation for sure! 

Our day then took us to South Bay Feilds- and let me tell you the lavender was so beautiful, the sunflowers were stunning- but the poppy field- OMG?!? BREATHTAKING!!!! I could barely contain my breath as my heart kept skipping beats. The colours, and varieties mixed with other wild flowers was almost overwhelming. 

Zeph was like a kid in a candy store, gathering flowers and smelling they’re sweetness. He is definitely the child of gardeners- he would spend all day watering plants and picking flowers if it were up to him. 

After we left all of that beauty, we grabbed some food from our favourite Mexican place, I saw a few of my lovely friends as we walked down the street. And then we finished the day, just like any other… in our back yard, feet in a kiddy pool talking about this plant life. 

My oh my my life has changed in such a short time, but the amount of beauty that has filled in the gaps that were formed by closing the store, has made it all worth it. 

It’s been a day for the books, (minus the side eyebrow 😅) and I’m so glad things didn’t go as planned. 

Also- because it seems like it is tradition now- I have included a photo of the ranunculus- they’re blooming and they’re fabulous!

on to the next my friends🌸


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