A League of Their Own

So we just finished the TV series A League of Their Own… and let me tell you- I have thoughts. 

As a baby gay- or any human really. The movie version of A League of Their Own holds space rent free in your mind. I mean who cannot hear Tom Hanks yelling “theirs no crying in baseball!” When you think of this movie?!?

Somehow lately I have this neat little habit of innocently picking movies and tv shows that highlight queer experiences- and I gotta tell ya- I’m loving it. 

For so many people who live their life a little differently, it is an honour to learn about the experience of those who paved the way for the rights we have today. It also highlighted how similar some things still are- and where we still need to go. The show was filled with quirks and witticisms, dark humour and unexpected heroes. 

I loved that it didn’t just show the baseball (but what they did show was thrilling), but it told hard truths about racism, sexism, gender identity, and living your truth… no matter what the consequences may be. 

I found myself gobbling up the episodes, like coffee in the morning, sending a caffeine surge to my brain and giving me fuel to learn, and embrace, and root on these girls, and humans during a war that was so horrible- and somehow they were bright, and finally were able to step out of the kitchen and into the spotlight. To be considered (almost) a whole person. 

Anyway- spoilers are not happening here. But I would encourage you to watch the show- it’s fabulous! And I cannot get enough. 

on to the next my friends🌸

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