Another day another blog

Oh what a day that seemingly zipped by, and yet in other moments it was like waiting for bread to rise… literally.

My day was mostly spent in the kitchen, making an epic lemon loaf- with extra lemon zest just for fun (and I snuck in chia seeds- because why not?) then I decided it would be my second attempt at making sourdough bread.

Patients I think is the number 1 ingredient in any sourdough recipe… and that was a challenge today.

Feed my starter- and wait

Make the dough- and wait

Put the dough in the oven… and then you guessed it WAIT!

Oh and of course… wait for the bread to completely cool before you cut into it.

Well my friends I can tell you that I hardcore failed that last bit, 10 Minutes out of the oven and that bread was not only cut into, but buttered and in our bellies. Thank goodness I took a picture.

I must say that this bread was even better than my first attempt, and although I’m complaining about time- this toook significantly less time than the first and was waaaay simpler. So over all I’m considering it a win.

I’m my garden a beautiful asiatic lily finally bloomed, and our ranunculus which we feel like we have been growing forever, are finally about to make their appearance. I can barely handle the anticipation.

So overall, today was a day of creation… and you guessed it- waiting.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

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