Black eyes and butterflies

So remember that little tidbit about how the glass lid fell on my face yesterday? Well good thing I got that amazing photo session in the poppy field out of the way early… because today that goose egg cracked baby, and it left behind a gnarly black eye.

I woke up earlier than the birds (as always) to start gardening for 7 am. We completed a mulch job we’ve been working on, and then went to another place where I had to pull down giant vines that climbed all the way up a big spruce tree… Well while doing this task; a large piece of bark fell down and smacked me right in the… you guessed it- the eye! So needless to say we didn’t keep working after that, I needed to rest up. My head hurt like crazy. 

Because of all of this craziness, there were no big adventures to report so I decided I’d show you some of the flowers, fruits and veggies that are coming up in our yard. We have so many plants I couldn’t fit all the photos in. But here are a few to start: 

Our little cucumbers are coming in nicely,

And our raspberry patch will have so much ripe fruit on it in about two weeks,

The Guara always looks so whimsical,

Our cherry tomatoes are almost ready for Zephyr to pick,

And of course I had to include the ranunculus… because they are a fan favourite after all. 

Today has kinda hurt, it’s been a little slow, pretty uneventful- but it was still a good day. 

on to the next my friends🌸

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