Brows, Brows, Organic Brows!

Welcome back everyone. The wait is almost over and  I can finally spill the beans - Kalei Botanicals is bring you brows! If you are like me, your eyebrows are a huge deal (and you never leave the house without them on!) But the struggle to find a natural eyebrow product... That for lack of better words - actually works! Has been a challenge. 

So when I was told that Elate was coming out with a brow product I was both thrilled and scared... What if I didn't like it? What if it wore off quickly? What if, what if?!? Well that whole fear thing was silly of me really, because honestly Elate shocks me with how wonderful their products always are and continue to be- and the brow balm is no different.

What makes this brow balm so ... Balm dot com (if you will 😂) is the play time. It doesn't dry down right away so you can point those arches, extend that tail...and if you don't like it you can just cotton swab it away. After it sets however your brows will not be going anywhere! So run and play, lay in the sun, go out dancing without fear of your eyebrows melting down your face!

I also found out you can use your brow balm as an eyeshadow primer, it's great for events that last a long time. Or mix it with your lipsticks for a matte vampy look (always popular for fall). 

Most importantly this is the first brow balm to be organic, vegan, fair trade and sustainable. Honestly I couldn't ask for more, and you won't either! Get yours on September 15th!!

Sending so much love your way

-Kalei Botanicals

Sustainably beautiful 


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