Day dreams that linger into the night

Today my black eye is a little (very little) less noticeable, and my splitting headache is a little more dull- but please do take notes: do not let heavy objects fall off of tall shelves and hit you above the eye a few days before your birthday!! Oy vey!!!

Other then that the day was more of this new normal, gardening beautiful place after beautiful place. A little chipmunk affectionately named Charlie followed me around one property, as he eyed the homemade shortbread cookies our client gave us. I couldn’t get enough of this little creature, he came right up to me and put his surprisingly cold paw in my hand. I obviously gushed with glee- definitely one of my favourite places to garden, and the snacks don’t hurt either! 

As usual I marvelled at how far along these garden beds have come, some were big when we started… but others we created ourselves, and the plants are now becoming more mature and thriving with each season that goes by. Could you ever not be in total awe of nature? With all of its charm? It’s like pure magic everyday. 

Then we came home and to my excitement our garden is growing and growing. I think we will be able to harvest some zucchini next week, and the tomatoes will soon turn colour. The bell peppers still have a while to go, and I’m not sure if the cauliflower is loving its current location… but fingers crossed it will all work out! 

When we went inside, we played with the baby, watched some reality tv… I’m obsessed… and I’m not ashamed! Then I started reading a book on cut flower farming… after all, tis the dream.  The vision of this farm of ours takes up a lot of real estate in my mind… and like all things in my life, if I work hard enough for it, and have patients (that one is a little tricky)… I usually figure out a way to make it happen. So to me it’s not an “if” situation… it’s simply a “when.”

Anyway my loves, the sun has fallen and the moon is shining it’s serene glow upon my windowsill. The baby is asleep, and there is nary a sound to be heard. So I think it’s time to visit the place of my dreams…


Until the next my friends 🌸

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