Everything hurts


What a day, a week, holding this phone to write this blog today feels heavy. My finger tips are giving me subliminal “f you’s” my arms are shaky, my legs are covered in cuts and scraped and ache all over. My hair still has little flower petals woven into my braid.


But my mind is clear, my soul is grateful for this new life. The stress that I felt before has melted away- replaced by soreness… but no amount of aches and pains can make me stop appreciating this feeling I have.


It’s crazy how much I loved that store, but what I realized is it wasn’t really the store- although it was beautiful.

It wasn’t the products that lined the shelves- even though they were spectacular.

It was and always will be the people.  That is what I miss the most.


The nice thing is that I have an opportunity to see these people who became family outside of my space. I get to see people on different terms and that is a gift in of its self.


So I’m sore, so freakin sore.

I’m tired, holy crow am I tired.

But I’m grateful- so grateful for all of this.


The future is bright my friends- I just know it.


Bye for now, on to the next 💖

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