Flower destroyer

I’m not quite sure what is doing it… but we have a flower destroyer in our midst. Does this animal know quite how long it takes to grow an epic ranunculus flower? How I am supposed to bask in all of their glory? And this little critter has taken away my moment?!? *shakes fist at the air* this is just freaking rude!


Also it turns out that I brushed up against something yesterday, and I have a nasty little blistered rash from it… fun.


Other than those little rude interruptions to my day… it has been quite nice. All of the gardens we did today were super fun. One of my favourite customers from the shop, turned friends owns one of the properties we garden. Wow her gardens have become the magnum opus of colour and whimsy. I absolutely love to go there and chat about everything, and anything.


When we got home I styled my hair as I must look semi-human for tomorrow, I’m doing my last session of wedding makeup for a dear friends daughter. I must confess, that although I always love the end product- wedding makeup always makes me so incredibly nervous. So to take my mind away I’m going to challenge the baby to a lawn mower race, eat some dinner and hope that my nerves don’t keep me up all night.


Also if you know of said ranunculus killer- please let me know who the culprit is- and how to deter it!


Signing off my friends, and wish me luck. On to the next 🌸

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  • Heather

    I love our visits and our chats!!!! 💖 And of course your gardening expertise. 😉 I could chat for hours!!!! xoxo

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