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Welcome to the world of Elate Cosmetics. Not only does the makeup perform like your commercial makeup - but it's made with wonderfully rich, decadent, soulful ingredients. Everything to do with Elate is conscious- conscious of the world we live in, the environment, the animals; and of course you!

What surprised me the most when I first came across Elate products (aside from the absolutely stunning, sustainable packaging of course) was that the products actually work like you would hope they would. The mascara is water resistant... so if you're like me and cry over commercials (side note- why are they making commercials so touching lately? Can a girl get a misty eyed break?) Your mascara won't leak down your face giving you the raccoon look (unless your into that?) 

The eyeshadows blend out like a dream, and stay pigmented throughout the day. The Universal Crème Highlighter in Lucent makes you look like your a glowing God. Also the lipsticks don't attack your lips like most lipsticks do, but rather the mango and shea butter combination leaves them silky soft... Even once the the satin finish is gone your left with a beautiful stain. 

Honestly you will just have to try the products for yourself. 

Wishing you all all marvelous day from Kalei Botanicals.

Keeping you and the Earth - Sustainably beautiful ♡



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