How Shay became Shea

Hey there reader,

its been a while! How is your absolutely fabulous self doing? It has come to my attention (or rather I have been told with ferocity) that I have to dive a little deeper... I have to tell everyone a little more of the Shea Organics Story- and why it is so different. So without further ado (and in fear of insanely beautiful, loud and in charge females stinging me with their wrath) here is a little more about Shea. 

The backstory:

How Shay became Shea

I have always had a passion for inclusion, in fact you might say it is a goal of mine- to preach love and acceptance for everyone. When I was little I did all of my school projects on civil rights leaders, all of my friends were from different backgrounds from my own- and I would spend hours upon hours trying to learn about how we were different (only to really find, that at the core of it all... we are really all pretty similar). I was obsessed about learning about the underdog, and being their cheerleader. That had a lot to do with the fact that I have always felt like an underdog myself. 

I didn’t grow up with privilege, I did however grow up with a learning disability, really frizzy out of control hair, and a love of all things candy coated. 

I wasn’t what you would call “popular.” I really really appreciate that now though- being different, working for good grades in school, and a love of compassion, and bringing people together- moulded me into the women I am today.

When my wife and I decided to open the store, we wanted it to be different from all the others. It was already going to be filled with organic and vegan products (that wasn’t even a question) exclusively from Canada. However as we studied brands we realized that the ones that struck a cord with us, were usually run by a female. We also noticed how different it was for women to start up and run their own businesses. How even though we have come far, perhaps we haven’t come far enough. It was then that we decided the majority of the brands we carried would be owned and operated by women.

I do want to put a little disclaimer here: we in no way think that we are better then men. And we don’t believe that their products aren’t worthy... we simply believe that in a world over saturated by male dominance- we would like to have a place for females to be the star of the show!

So Shay Organics- became Shea Organics. We underlined the She, and contacted female powerhouses from all over this amazing country. In turn this store became so much more then a little boutique, in an amazing town. It became a promise! To speak up for the underdog, to accept everyone no matter what, to become a place where people felt heard, felt loved, and felt empowered. 

This is how we began, but we’ve come so much farther! All of our customers have shown us so much love and compassion. You’ve made that little girl who was a little different, become the adult who tries to celebrate those differences, and make the world a little better than she found it!

Thank you, and I cannot see what this little store can do in the future!

Sending you love & light

-Shea Organics





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