I am happiest when I am creating

I love the moment when an idea becomes reality. It's like magic.

Whether it be cooking, doing makeup, gardening or making humans- the art of creation, and the idea that this is my very own spin on something, brings me unmeasurable joy.

I have been tasked with writing a blog a day…

A daunting task of which I am sure I will not complete with 100% accuracy.

However to see the words that swirl in my mind laid out in print, has peaked my interest.

I have always loved to write- and of course I have- because that too creation.

I have been told a million times to write a book, but I have always put roadblocks in my way…

What would I call it? would it be fact or fiction? would I offend someone, how long would it be…?

So many questions buzzing around in my every dizzying mind. But the idea of this, a blog… a little snippet of what happened in this very day, in the life of Shay… well that still seems like a mountain of a task… but maybe a small mountain, and I am here for it.

So come along on my messy adventures, my laughter filled nights, or sorrow filled moments. Let’s come up with fun recipes and watch as I master baking, or belly roll laugh at how hard my “masterpiece” failed.

Let’s get our hands dirty with dirt, and diapers, and little memories of who I was today, as we reflect on who we were yesterday- and where we will be tomorrow.

A blog a day eh? what a peculiar task- but I hope you come along with me.

And with that my friends… blog one is complete.

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