I missed a few days- and said goodbye to 33

So I took a few days off…

to be honest some days I got in my head a bit…

why would someone want to read my thoughts, or the mundane experiences of my day?

But then I thought about it again, and really we all have times in our lives when we are going through the motions…

And if I’m honest my experiences aren’t that mundane- so I’m back, thank you so much for reading this, and this is what you missed:

We did many garden overhauls over the last week  there is something so satisfying about coming to a property that seems a little overwhelmed, and weed by weed, trim by trim… slowly that garden reveals itself. Maybe a plant was hiding, maybe there is a fruit vine growing and I secretly pop one of those oh so delicious berries in my mouth, savouring their summer sweetness. One client had currents and gooseberries, I tried them for the first time. I must say both were lovely- but you really must try a gooseberry.

We harvested our first zucchini on Saturday, I absolutely love growing things… I just keep thinking of more things I want to grow. How to feed people everywhere, how I want my family to grow up with home grown food- because geez Louise does that stuff just taste better.

Collingwood also celebrated our first ever in person pride event. I get emotional thinking about it… I remember moving to this town, and feeling like I should hide pieces of myself. But now that never crosses my mind, and I can feel the love and respect from everyone around me. What a spectacular event it was!

That day Katie also gathered my dear friends and we had a little party celebrating my birthday (which was actually yesterday), I love that my friends have become family, and that Zephyr has so many aunties and uncles looking out for him. My party was filled with yummy food, and many laughs, a few tears from the little goobs- but I loved it. 

Yesterday (my birthday) we went to Toronto. Katie spoiled me rotten, buying me all the Floret books I’ve been wanting, a lovely pride T-shirt, new skincare and sustainable lipsticks I’ve been wanting to try forever- but they are not Canadian… so I never felt like I could try these things before. We walked around Kensington market, and down young street, stopping in here and there to try guacamole and margaritas. We had such a lovely time, and we also missed the baby like crazy! Who knew that being away from your little one for 12 hours would be that hard?!?! 

Today was a crazy hot day, so Katie decided to call off work. So we just enjoyed our little patch of paradise, I read some of my new books, we gathered some ranunculus flowers that a crossed had chopped off at the base- Zephyr ran around with the flowers and wouldn’t let go. We picked our first ripe cucumber. I have it to Zeph for a photo- and he bit right into it. Needless to say we all ate that giant cucumber, and it was amazing. Today I got all the snuggles I was craving yesterday. I had lots of time for self reflection, and something drew me back here. To this blog. 

So that was my week. Sorry I missed a few days, glad to be back. 

on to the next my friends 🌸

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