Lazy Sunday

Oops I did it again… I missed another day, but that’s because I was off enjoying my little corner of the world. Playing in the kiddy pool with the baby, smelling our flowers, admiring how far our gardens have come from where we started… and just taking in the moments. So I suppose I’ll give myself a pass on missing a day of blogging. 

Yesterday was lovely, although my fingertips have lost all feeling due to my carpel tunnel, and this rash from the unknown poisonous weed hurts like crazy… none of that mattered. I think one of the best things about children is their ability to play, a stick can be a baseball bat, or a bucket can be a hat. Clothing is always optional, and everywhere seems like a reasonable place to pee freely in the wind. 

I didn’t bake bread like I wanted to, I didn’t make any epic recipes… but I did take photos of the flowers (no pests have rudely chopped them off, thank goodness), and videos of Zephs cute little bum pushing his toy fire truck around the lawn. 

When we came inside I watched this docuseries on a flower farm in Washington called Growing Floret for the fourth time. Their reality is the stuff of my dreams. I added various seeds to a virtual shopping cart, and we made plans of the ‘one day greenhouse’ we hope to put in our backyard. 

This morning I still feel sore, still achy from this rash… but refreshed, relaxed, and excited to see what my day will bring. 

I hope you all were able to experience a lazy hazy Sunday, and I’m wishing you all a happy start to the week. 

on to the next my friends 🌸

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