Messy but fabulous

So as I predicted… I already missed a day


But that’s okay, the key to life is not perfection… it’s just keeping at things so they resemble some sort of “done-ness” that you find acceptable, exciting, and worth the ride.


Yesterday was a rain day… but good because my body was still aching from work 4 days before 😅 we went shopping, got ciders and watched dramatic reality shoes that I not so secretly love- oh the problems of the extra rich and famous- how I love to watch you squabble!


Today was looooong, we were out gardening, the first place was a farm with a beautiful pond. Oh how I imagined turning this place into a cut flower farm. Watching my children run through the rows of colourful petals, and smelling the sweet fragrance as it wafted in the breeze. One day, one day this will all be my reality. Hopefully one day soon.

Then we went to another place, it’s so lovely to see the hours of meticulously picking out flowers that suit the owners personality come to life in a garden, and to listen to their joy as they learn about all the new plants that are thriving in their home.

We worked tell my finger tips forgot how to feel, and little branches lived in my hair, and my legs decided to go on strike. It was painful, but the thing I love about this gardening life is the rewards are everlasting. The joy that you feel as you see a flower in all of its glory, every one so different from the next- it never gets old.


So now I sit here in a tub of magnesium salts, trying to erase the work my body put in today, reflecting on all the change, and smiling at this messy messy human, covered in dirt, I remember her, I’m getting to know the new version of her… I’m pretty sure I really like her.

On to the next my friends. 

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