Overwhelmed today

Do you ever have those days where everything just seems too much? The small things are somehow big… and the big things- well they even bigger.


Today Katie dropped a weight on her toe, the baby head butted my knee and got a fat lip, I somehow managed to cut the thinnest slice of sourdough bread ever (the one I made yesterday) and it got lodged in the bottom of the toaster- I had to pry that thing out of there.


Then a customer called, asked for something simple… and because I can’t figure out how to connect the printer to the wifi- I had a pitty party and locked my self in the bathroom… which is where I am now… sitting on ledge of the tub, hiding from my family because this big red headed mama needed a hot sec to cool down the inferno that was my body 3 minutes ago.


Also since I’ve been in here I managed to figure out how to get around printing out the paper the client wants… so yay for me. I’m moving that little problem to another day.


On a brighter note- one of the ranunculus flowers is almost fully in bloom (note to self- take a freakin picture!)***


So that’s how today went… a giant, messy, face palm of a day… but at least the flowers are pretty.


On to the next my friends, please let it go smoother than today!


***Update: I went to take a photo of the blooming ranunculus flower- and something bit it clean off the stem and didn’t even eat the flower! Oh boy!


  • Ruth

    I lock myself in the bathroom sometimes too, sometimes we find solitude in the strangest of places and sometimes, it’s the only place. Love that your writing again. Can’t wait to read more and I hope today was so much brighter ❤️

  • Heather

    Sometimes a momentary pity party is what we need- feel it, acknowledge it and then try and move forward…… And I love that you are doing this blog!

  • Anjali

    ❤️❤️ So relatable – when seems like one thing goes wrong and it’s like a magnet attracting other things some days eh. Sitting alone for a solo minute is somethings the best remedy. Hope today is a better day xo

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