Retired Makeup Artist



So today was the day that I finally hung up my Makeup Artist hat and bid it adieu.


The wedding makeup turned out fabulous, and everyone was so excited. It was really exciting for me because the mother of the bride is a good friend of mine, and I have met both of her daughters on several occasions. The love was overflowing in the room, and the bride enjoyed sitting back and for once letting others do the work. She calmly listened as her mom frantically tried to figure out the speaker system, she gently checked in on people when she thought they seemed overwhelmed. It was beautiful to see someone make moves that made such an impact, by not really doing much at all.


When it was all over I remember thinking “wow I was actually pretty good at this makeup thing.” And yet at the same time, feeling so ready to just enjoy makeup again. Enjoy playing with it, and experimenting, and being silly.


I became a makeup artist because I loved the art- but somewhere along the way money became a more pressing need; and at some points I felt like a sort of machine- doing makeup because I had to, as quickly as possible, and although I so appreciate the experience- I think I lacked passion.


Today was different though- I guess because I knew it was over, and I loved these people. It was the happiest farewell I could of asked for to an almost 20 year career.

Other then that the day was fast and slow, we sat in our backyard  watching the baby play in his pool, took a nice walk and grabbed a bite to eat.

Also- two ranunculus bloomed… and no animals have rudely beheaded them (as of yet 🤞) I really must take a photo- but I am cozy and have sunken into the bed… so that will have to wait till tomorrow my friends.


On to the next 🌸


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