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why add "shop by need section" - maybe break down the importance of making your products accessible

I’m assuming that you are here to check out our new website, the old one served us well for over 5 years. However, sometimes you have to admit that although you are a jack of all trades… perhaps someone is better equipped to make your website more dynamic, more poppy and easier to navigate.

This is why we added the “Shop by need section.” Perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time (hello mama’s) or if you just want to get to the point quickly without having to go through a million products to figure out if it will be perfect for you.

We have broken down these subcategories because they are the more common skincare and lifestyle concerns that we commonly get asked for help with when you come and shop at the store. We know that in store shopping doesn’t happen that often anymore, so these shop by need sections will help narrow things down- just like one of our amazing staff members would if you were at Shea’s.

Motherhood- we put this category in here, because a lot of new or experienced mamas come into the shop wanting something healthier for their skin and their bodies… also sometimes they just want something that can help them wind down after chasing little humans all day.

Sleep- sleep is something that most people seem to be lacking, whether its because of a hectic lifestyle, stress, or the current state of the world; sleep is important. So, anything that can help with that is greatly needed.

Relax- Don’t you just feel the weight of the world sometimes? This section was made for those days when you just need to “turn off” for a while and let the outside world drift away.

Recover & Restore- The products in this section are designed to treat your skin, manage it once its healed and restore your skin and body back to a healthy state.

Acne- All the products in this section are curated to help not only treat your breakouts but help stop them for emerging in the first place.

Dry Skin- do you have dry, cracked skin? Do you just want something that feels nice and gets rid of that texture while leaving your skin feeling deeply hydrated? Well, everything in this section is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Combo Skin- Is your skin oily and dry? Are you prone to breakouts, but also have dry patches? Not to worry, we have a variety of skincare products to treat your combination skin.

Mature Skin- As our skin ages, it requires different things. So, all the products in this category will help with fine lines, wrinkles, wisdom spots, and water retention.

We hope that these new “Shop by need” categories will make your online experience even easier, and that you love our new site.

Sending you love & light -Shea Organics

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