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Hello there,

my name is Shay and welcome to Shea Organics. Here is a little bit about the shop and yours
truly. My wonderful wife Katie and I came up with the idea to open an organic and eco friendly shop
whilst honeymooning on an eco retreat in Guatemala. To be honest I felt at that moment, sitting on an
ancient bed made of clay and sticks a little bogged down by the world… like I had so much to offer the
world but didn’t know where to direct my energy. My wife (the incredibly supportive and highly
imaginative thinker she is) had the idea to open a store… and here is why. I am the daughter of a
makeup artist, my mother was a free spirit… one who taught me to colour outside the lines, to dance to
the beat of my own drummer… and who was the most open and honest person I have ever met. She
loved loved loved makeup… so I tell people that makeup is in my blood (and actually because 60% of
whatever we put on our bodies goes directly into our bloodstream… it’s in yours too). I actually ran from
the idea of being a makeup artist though… I wanted to be an actress, and make films that inspired
people. So I went to Simon Fraser University to peruse this dream (am I losing you Here? I promise there
is a reason for all this backstory…) while I thought I was taking steps towards my dream of being an
actress… I lived on Burnaby Mountain in the dorms. The funny thing about living away from home… is
you don’t have pets, in fact even if you wanted them they are strictly forbidden. So I bought plants… so
many plants my little hole in the wall looked like a greenhouse. I had bamboo of all shapes and sizes,
orchids which quickly became my favorite flowers, spider plants… you name it I probably had it. I was so
obsessed with my plants that they took almost all of my attention. That’s when I started to think that
perhaps my dreams of acting shouldn’t be my main focus… but the plant world should be instead. Of
course it would be years until the plants officially took over- but alas they did and I ended up with a
degree in Horticulture. Sometime after that my mothers love of makeup also bit me… and I ended up
becoming a makeup artist myself. This all brings us back to sitting on that bed in Guatemala. Makeup
was in my blood, plants on the brain… educating people is another love… and because I have the
fortunate gift of gab (or unfortunate depending on who you ask) sales is a gift of mine. So Katie mixed all
of these ingredient’s together and decided we should open a store. It would be full of things that were
good for you, but also out performed conventional products. Everything would be based on love, the
companies we Sold, the name of the store… even the paint on the walls (which is named love letters).
From there Shea Organics was born.
We started online with a lot of help from the Small Business Enterprise Centre right here in Collingwood.
With their guidance we developed a following before diving head first into a brick a mortar location. We
learned how to use social media (@sheaorganicscanada) to our advantage and the business aspect of
everything from target customers to what a colour scheme can do for you. During this time we educated
ourselves on why it was so important to make sure the people of Collingwood, and all people for that
matter understood why clean, fair trade and eco friendly product were so necessary for our health and
the planet’s health. Like I said 60% of whatever we put on our bodies goes directly into our bloodstream.
Traditional makeup can trigger anxiety attacks, and can also give your skin irritations. In the world we
live in today we have enough to worry about- you don’t want to have to get sick (literally) from what
your putting on your face and body. The company name came from mine… but we spun the spelling to
make it more “organic.” Also if you look closely one the ‘She’ in ‘Shea’ is underlined. That is because 90%
of our business is female run and operated. Also we try to be as Inclusive as possible… so we carry
everything from baby products to beard oil. In addition, everything we have here is good for you; it’s like 


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Courtney Wood

    When do you expect to have more face & body lotion, and the amazonite detox bracelet?
    Courtney 416 729-1139

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