Why we love Konjac sponges

The konjac sponge pronounced con-jack not cognac (like the fancy drink that I made the mistake of referring to for a few years). Is amazing because it does the work of 3 products in one. Not to mention this little baby is eco friendly and is completely compostable; who doesn’t love that?

They are pieces of a root vegetable that is native to Asia, commonly referred to as Glucomannan. It is typically used as a thickening agent in all sorts of foods. Because konjac is found in nature and infused with clays and charcoals also found in nature- you can rest assured that nature with no fillers will keep your skin glowing without any additives or harsh chemicals.

These magic wonders can cleanse your skin on their own, exfoliate and unclog your pores, help with lymphatic drainage and circulation; all while still being gentle enough for daily use. Can you say hero product?

Now if you have perused our stunning new site, you will see that there are several different varieties of konjac sponges.

  • The pink is amazing for dry, mature or sensitive skin and will give you a more radiant look.
  • The green is wonderful for dry or combination skin, that will deeply nourish and keep your skin smooth and supple.
  • And the black is amazing for acne prone or oily skin types, this is amazing for getting deep into pores and keeping breakouts at bay.
  • We also have an amazing walnut exfoliating body konjac sponge- this stunner is great for the backne and wonderful for circulation.

Who says sustainability can’t be wonderful? Try out the perfect konjac sponge for you today; and keep you and the environment- sustainably beautiful.





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