Winter Life Savers

The snow has officially started to fly here in the good  Ol’ Collingwood... and what happens with snow? DRY SKIN! Now we are sure that you have your tried and true methods to dealing with the wind burn, chapped lips, and flaky skin- but the folks here at Shea to give you a more holistic way to deal with the winter blues. We have put together a few super hero products, to keep you silky smooth all winter long!


First up: Graydon’s Intimacy Oil

Improve your relationship with your skin 

Your body deserves just as much love as you give your face - so we’ve created the ultimate body moisturizer to improve the relationship you have with your skin. Our feather light, nourishing and quick absorbing Intimacy Oil is beautifully blended with moisturizing plant oils, to help improve elasticity while leaving your skin feeling soothed, smooth, and glowing. 

Infused with luxurious aromatic fruit extracts and blue tansy, Intimacy Oil will create an unforgettable moisturizing experience as the oil absorbs magically, creating a more intimate connection with you and your largest organ, your precious skin!

TIP: Intimacy Oil is a multi-purpose body oil: it can be used on wet skin, on dry skin, as a massage oil, hair oil, cuticle oil, shaving oil, and any body part in between!

Next up we have: Wildcraft’s Lemongrass Body Cream

An indulgent and rich body cream with a delightful whipped consistency. This cream glides on easily, provides moisture, a protective layer, and beautiful glow. Calendula and aloe vera gel work to soothe dryness, inflammation and irritation, while lemongrass creates a refreshing and luxurious aroma. Excellent for all the seasons and can be used more or less depending on how much moisture is needed.

For our super sensitive cuties we also have (exclusively in refill):  Bathorium’s Little Charlie Bath Soak


Little Charlie was created for our youngest bathers to experience a beneficial bath without the nasties. Luscious coconut milk and oat proteins nourish dry and inflamed skin while gently cleansing from head to toe.Specifically designed for newborns to eight years old. No need for soap when using Little Charlie- just the bath water and washcloth!

Now onto the only part of our bodies we can’t fully shield from the elements- the face. 
We have the perfect moisturizer for even the most sensitive skin types, these are our superstars:

Graydons Berry Rich is perfect for combination skin, that is more on the dry side.

Did you say dehydrated?

This velvety-rich face and eye cream includes a vegan probiotic to nourish and boost skin health. The addition of blueberry seed oil is a dream come true for dry, dehydrated, tired or mature skin since it helps diminish the look of fine lines, while strengthening your skin barrier, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

Infused with blue-green algae (also known as Blue Majik®), it is a powerhouse of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin. Mixed with antioxidant-rich cacao, this cream will help boost skin hydration, prevent water loss, and visibly brighten your face. The vegan probiotic helps optimize, maintain, restore bacteria in skin and help strengthen the skin barrier which makes it ideal for mature skin.

For super sensitive skin, we love Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin


This non-greasy formula absorbs quickly while elevated levels of Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract ensure long lasting hydration.

Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil and Vitamin E all provide anti-oxidant protection and Tamanu Oil heals and soothes.

The result is smoother, more radiant and hydrated skin from the very first use. Non-comedogenic. Great for dry and dehydrated skin.


And for the driest or dry skin types: Graydon’s  The Putty will be your best friend!

Whether you are dealing with inflamed skin or overexposure to the elements (sun, wind or cold), this super-soothing moisturizer for dry skin helps protect and soothe your skin.

We’ve researched and curated the best ingredients to deliver relief to your red, dry and irritated skin. Because sometimes, more is more.

For those of us who already have a moisturizer they’re in love with, but just want to pump up the volume... it’s nice to choose how much hydration we need. So in these cases, here at Shea- we always turn to serums for help. 

For Combination skin, Graydon’s Fullmoon Serum is the best thing money can buy!


This multi-functional vegan serum soothes, smoothes and protects for a more radiant looking complexion.


Worn solo, or blended with your favourite face oil or moisturizer, you can't help but notice a more supple, smooth skin and a more radiant complexion.

Loaded with all your favourite actives that help visibly reduce signs of aging, Fullmoon Serum is what skin dreams are made of!

For those of us with dry skin to begin with- Graydon’s Superfood Serum reigns supreme!

Blended with deeply nourishing superfoods, this luxurious oil-based
brightening serum offers your face a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants and anthocyanins which help calm inflammation and reduce stress while helping to brighten your complexion and hydrate your skin.

Along with other antioxidant-rich oils like kale, cranberry, blueberry and goji to hydrate and shield skin from free radicals and pollution.

Also infused with turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory that calms irritated skin and redness, and an old-world touch of neroli, this ayurvedic melange of oils is seriously luxurious and therapeutic... a truly excellent formulation to layer under (or blend with) your day or night cream!

The texture of our antioxidant serum is velvety smooth thanks to the addition of (gluten-free) oat oil which absorbs beautifully into the skin, without leaving a residue.


Now onto the eyes & lips:

For eyes we absolutely love Consonants Ultra Moisturizing Organic Eye Cream

This Organic Eye Cream is formulated with high levels of natural source Vitamin E for supreme protection of the delicate skin around your eyes. 

Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organic Eye Cream is 100% natural and has been formulated to provide the deep penetrating moisturization the delicate skin around your eyes needs to stay looking and feeling healthy and young.

It can also be used for the fine lines around your mouth and as a dry spot treatment.

For Lips we’re obsessed with Elate’s Better Balm:

Better balm for better lips! This deeply soothing lip balm is packed with plant based goodness and has a soft, buttery texture that will keep your lips smooth and supple. Available in clear, or three tinted varieties to suit any occasion!

Lastly, we figured we would mention a product for those multi-tasking babes out there: Da Lish Cosmetics Hydra 7 Lip & Eye Treatment.

This is the super 7 of hydrating, rejuvenating, anti aging, skin/sun damage repair, antioxidants, vitamin rich and much more that’s the perfect boost to your lips & eyes. This product goes on clear and can be used daily, before you go to bed and on top of our matte lipsticks & lip/cheeks balms.


Now don’t you feel more confident to take on winter? Come in and ask for the perfect match for your glorious skin today!

Sending you love & Light

-Shea Organics 


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