Our Philosophy
100% Natural, Clinically Proven Skin CareTM

When it comes to skin care, the conventional wisdom has been that you can't have it all.

If it feels good to use, you may have to endure an unhealthy formulation. To get results, it may be irritating or involve a complex regimen. And when you choose a product for its healthy formulation, you may not get the results you expect.

But now you can have it all.

Consonant Skincare is Canada's leading line of premium skin care that is as luxurious as the most expensive fashion label brand, as effective as the best-known cosmeceutical brand, and as healthy as the leading natural brand. Our regimen is edited and effortless.

We believe you should not have to make any sacrifices to achieve your best skin.

All of our products are 100% natural, and formulated with the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients. But they are still skin care, not salad dressing: They improve the look of your skin with results you will notice immediately.

What goes on your body goes in your body®

When you use our natural regimen, healthy and radiant skin will be revealed without the use of synthetic ingredients. No parabens, no sulfates, no petroleum ingredients, and certainly no phthalates. 

Your best skin is only a few short clicks away.

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